Haro Sport

Haro Sport

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Chrome Haro Sport Bike, with the following components :-



Haro Sport frame 2015 chrome re-edition Mike Domingez 1984



Haro Sport forks (chrome as above) Included but not on the bike



Hutch Woody Itson bars (original)



Hutch Freestyle Stem (original)



Hutch 2 in , inch and a quarter high headlock (original)



Tioga Bear Trap 2 headset (original)



S.E. Landing Gear forks (2009 edition) (original)



Dia-Comp tech 7 levers (original)



Vans grips (original)



Haro Bar caps (original)



Dia-Comp nippon brakes (with stronger and rarer allen key centre bolt) (original)



Odessey Giro (original)



Redline 401 Flight crank (180mm) twin pinch (original)



Redline Black Flight chain ring (44 tooth) (original)



Redline Flight sealed bearings (The spacer was cut to size on my lathe for the perfect size for the frame) (original)



Shimano Dx pedals (original)



Shimano Dx Freewheel (17 tooth) (original)



KMC Heavy Duty chrome chain (original)



Skyway Graphite wheels (original)



Tioga Freestyle tires (original)



Gold Bullet dust caps



Haro Fusion seat clamp (original)



Redline Laid back seat post (original)



Dominator seat (original)



Gold Kool Caps (To make the Skyway Graphite wheel hubs look like the 80’s Skyway Graphites wheels)


Brand new not on the bike.



I re-created my old school bike with all the best original parts available, the Haro Sport was the first frame and forks specifically designed for skate park and vert ramp riding, the top tube was longer than other frames this was a bonus if you were tall/big like me. I put Landing Gear forks on it as back in the day the original fork were very thin and most people used these instead.


Ridden a couple of times since building. A couple of slight marks on stickers from storage in the shed next to my new school bike otherwise mint condition. Any questions feel free to ring me (Dennis) on 07772316749


This item is for sale on other sites, so I reserve the right to finish this listing at any time.







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