NEW HALFORDS Ladies CX.10 Apollo Burgundy Bicycle + lights/bell/helmet

NEW HALFORDS Ladies CX.10 Apollo Burgundy Bicycle + lights/bell/helmet

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We’ve all done it – bought something on impulse and then thought “WHAT was I thinking?!”.


Said item then gets put at the back of a cupboard/wardrobe and never sees daylight again.



Well, my New Years resolution last year was to start riding. 


So I bought a bike, kitted it out, then basically never touched it and simply moved it around the house! 


It has just been sitting gathering dust ever since.



This bike is NEW, it has never been ridden. 



It was pushed home from the Halfords store, which is roughly 1 mile from my house. 


It has also been here while I had plastering work done, and woodwork last year, when it was up against the wall outside during one sunny afternoon and so has become dusty and needed a wipe down – which I have done. The tyres are ever so slightly dusty still.



The bike plus all the extra accessories to make it road ready came to over 160, however now I just want it out of the house as it is taking up valuable space and I am never going to actually use it. I am starting this auction off at 80 and if it goes for 80 then so be it. Somebody will get a bargain!



The silver Pampero helmet is made by Halfords and is brand new, still in the box with tags attached. It is 54 to 58 cm which is a Medium. It has an adjustable strap. The bicycle comes with extra front and rear road lights, which flash/pulse etc. 


The front light is a greeny yellow, the back one is red. I’ve tested the lights – the front one works, however the back one needs 2 new AAA batteries. I don’t have any, otherwise I would have replaced them. It also has a silver bell by the right handle, 2 clear white wheel reflectors and reflectors on the front and back. I did buy a pump, however this dropped in bits and so has been binned!



The frame size is 18 inch, and it was set up for my height when I was in Halfords, and I am roughly 5 foot 6. 


This is the current seating height. However this can easily be adjusted up or down to suit.



I don’t know anything about bikes in particular, but the gears say Grip Shift Max – and on the left there are 3 gears. On the right there appear to be six gears. There is also a yellow sticker that says “Attention for v-brakes only”. The handles also say grip shift on them. They have a nice, comfortable rubber grip.


There are silver markings that say “female fit geometry”, “Apollo” and “CX.10”.



The model is Apollo CX.10, made by Halfords. 


I believe it’s a town bike.




 Now for the boring bit!



I work full time, so you will have to bare with me if you send me an email, which you are welcome to do if you have any further questions. 


I have listed my item honestly and as thoroughly as I can, however if there is something specific you would like to ask me, you are very welcome to drop me a message.




I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire NG18 area. 


Obviously this is a collection only item. You will need either a large car or van.




PayPal only please, to protect us both . 


I expect payment within 4 days max, non payers will be reported to Ebay and dealt with accordingly



Once the item has been paid for via PayPal and the money has cleared, I will email you with my details and we can arrange a convenient time for you to come and pick up the bicycle. 



Thank you for looking.


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