Mafia Purple Fuel Bmx (Cult Federal Subrosa Total)

Mafia Purple Fuel Bmx (Cult Federal Subrosa Total)

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Here I am selling my mafia purple fuel bmx, only had it for 4 weeks. The purple fuel forks that came on this bike got broke so change them out for some old vocal forks that I got off a friend.
Frame: Mafia Purple FuelForks: Vocal (10mm)Bars: Vocal (9.5 rise)Headset: Primo Oil SlickStem: Subrosa Top LoadCranks: MafiaBottom Bracket: MafiaWheels: Mafia Wheel Set (9T)Sprocket: Mafia 25TGrips: Mafia HitmainsTyres: United Direct 2.4 (Comes with logos mafias as spares too)Break: Mafia Lever and Calliper (Vocal Gyro)Seat: Mafia Bike All In One Seat
Selling as want a street bmx not park!

Message me for more info!!Happy Bidding!

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