(Re-listed )Petrol 80cc Motorised Mens Bicycle (NEW KIT) – chain needs adjusting

(Re-listed )Petrol 80cc Motorised Mens Bicycle (NEW KIT) - chain needs adjusting

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I have very recently taken on another petrol bicycle project but unfortunately I did not perfect it due to limited time and resources. The bicycle itself is a Townsend mens mountain bike which is very solid and good quality. The engine kit is a Brand New german imported version in the black colour. It is an 80 cc 2 stroke petrol engine which takes a special 1:16 fuel ratio. Everything on this bike has been fitted correctly but during the testing stage ( only testing motorbike chain, not engine) I had problems with the chain coming off. After a lot of research and trial and error I found out that the problem was the chain adjuster. I previously cross threaded the bolts on it by accident and had to use 10mm bolts instead. This worked for a short period of time but then it slipped out of position. It will require bigger bolts and a very tight fixing and it should work. This is a quick and cheap job but I have no time left to finish this bike. Other than that it all works good as far as I know. With the chain being such a problem I have not been able to test this bike out yet but it has got a 3rd tank with the correct fuel mixture. I hope an new owner can come and fix the minor issue and have lots of fun on them as i have had with previous ones. if you have any further enquiries please contact me via eBay. I feel my asking price is very reasonable considering the new kit and quality mens mountain bike and cash on collection is prefferd as it is easier and no commitment is involved.
Thank You.

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